Mind, Body, Spirit

GG’s Global Dance & Arts Studio offers senior, adult, teen, and child classes & events for dance, yoga, arts, music, acting, and more.



Enjoy the freedom of stretching and relaxing your body, dancing for fun, and exploring your creative mind! Learn to relate and appreciate different cultures through; music, food, language, art, poetry, movement and more.

By embracing our basic creative commonalities, we begin to discover ALL the things we have in common, VS. different.



“What is your destination?”

Three exciting floors… Each catered to your Mind, Body and Spirit! Upon entering our main floor, allow your body to move to the rhythm, release your inhibitions, and Dance to the drumbeat of Life! Release your stress and anxiety, in our beautiful Yoga/ Meditation room, and allow your spirit to soar! You can also stimulate your mind in our Think Tank. Celebrate the gift of learning, sharing expressive writing, language and poetry in our inviting and comfortable basement.



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